As a sponsor of the Mercato Italiano event in Tampa Bay, Business Lifestyle USA was happy to participate in the celebration of Italian culture and heritage. The event, Mercato Italiano, was part of Festa Italiana in Tampa and put on display an array of premium quality cuisine and wine hailing from Italy. Mercato Italiano provided a showcase for some of the best Italian food, wine, and entertainment that the different Italian regions have to offer. The event also provided an excellent opportunity for Business Lifestyle USA to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries and explain them how Business Lifestyle USA is able to support those who want to do business in the USA. Our team was able to network with community people, entrepreneurs, professionals and other sponsors who shared our passion for promoting the economic growth of Made in Italy products and community development. At Business Lifestyle USA, we understand the importance of community involvement and supporting local initiatives. We offer a sincere display of appreciation to all those who have participated in the splendor that embodies the Festa Italiana celebration.

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