We are a group of entrepreneurs who provide a bridge between the world and the United States and we specialize in supporting individuals and companies who wish to create a reality abroad, even starting from scratch.

We propose ourselves as a start-up accelerator to help the entrepreneur or new entrepreneur to create his own company on English soil in any sector, avoiding missteps and providing support based on experience:

  • Of the consultants;
  • of local (and international) professionals who collaborate with us
  • of other entrepreneurs who have already had success on the territory.

To facilitate the process we have created the Business Lifestyle: a path where we combine theoretical and practical training in the field to acquire the skills necessary to manage and conduct business in any industry and become a Successful Entrepreneur in the United States.


The Business Lifestyle USA is the ONLY path that prepares you and helps you create or expand your business in the United States with the confidence to take the right steps with trusted professionals and Successful Entrepreneurs on your side with LIFESTYLE METHOD.